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500ml Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel with Pump Top - Kills 99.9% of bacteria/germs

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1 x 500ml (0.5 Litres) bottles of Alcohol Gel hand sanitizer with handy pump top

Alcohol based for effective cleaning and disinfecting of the hands immediately anywhere, without the need of water. This is a Gel form of sanitizer, which means that it goes a very long way. The bottle comes with pump top, for ease of use and this means that you can dispense the gel, without picking the bottle up.

It moisturises the skin and it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness, whilst giving you a good protection from bacteria and germs. It smells better than a lot of the commercial sanitizers too.

With amazing bug/germ/bacteria fighting properties, killing 99.9%.

How to use Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Squirt some sanitizer into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Be sure to cover your fingers thoroughly, including under any jewellery as well as the backs of your hands and wrists. Allow any remaining hand sanitizer to evaporate. Do not inhale the product (see safety information below).

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Safety

FLAMMABLE: Because our Hand Sanitizer is made with 99.9% pure alcohol, it is highly flammable. Make sure you do not expose it to naked flames, hot surfaces or other sources of ignition.

EYE CONTACT: This strength of alcohol can cause serious eye problems. Keep the product away from your eyes and do not wipe your eyes with recently sanitized hands. Should you get any sanitizer in your eye, flush the eye with water continuously, removing contact lenses if worn where possible, seek medical advice urgently and see a doctor if necessary.

INHALATION AND INGESTION: Do not inhale the vapor of the hand sanitizer. In the case of inhalation move into a well aired space and seek medical help if dizzy or drowsy. It is dangerous to ingest the Hand Sanitizer. If this product is ingested seek immediate medical advice assistance.

USE BY CHILDREN: Alcohol hand sanitizer is not suitable for unsupervised use by children. Children using the product must be closely supervised by an adult.

PETS: Keep out of the reach of pets.

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